Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Carbon farmers more powerful than politicians

Author and wool producer Charles Massy believes that farmers could do more than any other group in society to address the crisis of Climate Change. In a speech at Bombala, NSW, he declared that "climate change and population growth around the globe is the biggest crisis that has ever confronted humanity up until now. And I don't believe the solutions are going to come from (politicians.) I really feel it's farmers who can probably do more than any other segment of society to address the crisis."

There are many examples of farmers reversing damage on the landscape and putting carbon back into the system. "The good news is are a lot of solutions out there, I think a more ecological approach to carbon farming is the key. We can do this by putting more carbon into the soil, whether we are going to be paid for it or not. We are going to need to strive for 100 per cent of ground cover to stop this, deeper-rooted vegetation, different forages." (Weekly Times)

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