Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CFI Budget Cuts: We Dodged a Bullet

The facts behind the headline - The Government’s announcement of cuts to the Carbon Farming Initiative sound severe, but appear to spare the funds we worked so hard to make applications for in recent months. The word “unallocated”  in the following sentence refers to rounds of funding that have yet to be announced, not those that are yet to be decided: “Return of $143 million of unallocated funding from the Carbon Farming Futures program to the budget”

Here are the figures: The Carbon Farming Futures program was launched as a $429m budget item.

Filling The Research Gap              Total Budgeted:   $201m
Round One          $47m
Round Two          $30m
Unallocated       $124m

Action On The Ground                 Total Budgeted:     $99m
Round One         $25.2m
Round Two        $30m
‘                       Unallocated               $43.8m

Extension and Outreach                 Total Budgeted:   $64m
Round One        $21.3m
Round Two        $26m
Unallocated        $16m

Conservation Tillage                    Total Budgeted:       $44m
Half Way Point   $22m
Unallocated         $22m
Converting Research into
Methodologies                          Total Budgeted:           $20m
Half Way Point   $10m
Unallocated         $10m

                        TOTAL Unallocated:   $215m
TOTAL Returned  $143m

What's Left:           $72m


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