Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A license to print money

(For the uninitiated, a "Methodology" is a license to print money. A "meth" as we call them is a set of rules that, if you follow them, can lead to riches. (The piggery near Young generating power to heat the stalls using methane from manure is looking at $90,000/year in offset credits.) But the road is long and winding... The new version of Guidelines for Submitting Methodologies  is handy for those on the road.

• KISS the METH (Keep It Simple, Stupid): • Farmers are supposed to take a methodology off the shelf and put a project together. The DCCEE believes that the barrier to this is the language in which the methodologies are written. From here on, then, the methodology must provide step-by-step instructions with enough detail to “allow replication of the project by any project proponents wishing to apply the methodology.” Instead of a description or “explanation of the activities, the methodology should resemble a series of rules, requirements and algorithms.” “These rules should be sufficiently detailed to allow any project proponent to read the methodology, replicate the process and obtain the expected results. “ And just as the methodology should be easily understood by the proponent, the  methodology proposal must also be written with “clear, unambiguous, complete and precise instructions” so it can be easily assessed by the DOIC.

• CHARTING a course: Where possible a proposal for a methodology should use charts, diagrams, graphics and process flow charts to assist understanding of the activity description.

• NO SALE: The owners of trademarked or proprietary products can’t write a starring role for them in their meth by making their product a compulsory ingredient. The Methodology “will instead provide general descriptions of any technologies, equipment or products needed to undertake abatement projects.” The DCCEE says this allows methodologies to have broader applicability and remain current as new and improved technologies or products come onto the market.  The ingredient owner can enjoy first mover advantage. The DOIC is likely to move on a meth “with broad coverage or those that are very straightforward … ahead of proposals that are tailored towards individual projects or those which are very complicated.”

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