Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A bowl of bran for regulation

"The Department" is worried that the 'meth' channel is constirpated, with nothing popping out since the first 4 meths (all created by the Department) a year ago, while there are 15 meths "under consideration"and 36 projects awaiting the thumbs up. Having just been through the maze of regulations to help transport entrepreneur Steve Fieldus take his bulk haulage company carbon neutral, we have an insider's view of the  torture chamber the Government has created in the name of Climate Change action. A recent gathering of meth proponents in Melbourne heard advanced news of changes to the meth process to 'streamline' it.  We were told to use simpler language and more charts. But it is not language that creates the levels of complexity that cause delay. It is the intervention of regulation at every level of the process. Eg., it was announced at the meeting that meth proposals must now define when they can be technically applied. In other words, the meth must dictate the finest detail of the process. Why not let project proponents demonstrate when and where the meth can be technically used. Setting boundaries will cramp innovation, and the foundation objective of the Carbon Farming Initiative was to unlock the innovative spirit of Australian farmers. The wider issue is the role of governments in creating markets. (See "When is a market not a market? When it's not free" above.)                                                                                                      

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