Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five Fatal Flaws of the 100 Years Clause

 The 100 Years Rule is a dangerous delusion, easily believed, but only by those who focus on carbon stocks when the natural world operates by carbon flows.

1. Universally rejected by farmers: 100 years requirement not supported by a single farmer or farmers representative in private or public statements since the principle has been announced.

2. Not based on science: 100 Years chosen as a convenient period for comparing various greenhouse gases. Not based on decay rate of CO2 in the atmosphere.

3. Not equivalent to avoided emissions: A tonne of coal not burned today can be burned tomorrow.

4. Preventing delivery of many essential co-benefits: Increased soil carbon levels are associated with increased soil health, landscape resilience, water efficiency, and enhanced food security.

5. Blocking biosequestration’s unique ability to buy us time: Soil and vegetation can draw down the equivalent of 50ppm for 50 years, while renewable energy sources reach critical mass.

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