Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Edition of Carbon Farming Handbook - Contributions?

The Carbon Farming Handbook is uniquely useful as it forms a comprehensive introduction to the discipline. The Handbook is being updated. Contributions are welcome. We are particularly interested in techniques for increasing soil carbon levels. The list of contents (below) reveal the gaps. We also welcome support from advertisers and sponsors, companies that want to introduce themselves to the many new farmers entering the carbon field. We have various ways to make the introduction. Call us on 02 6374 0329 or email michael@carbonfarmersof


What is Soil Carbon?
An Introduction to Carbon Farming
Can Farmers Slow Climate Change?
Changing the Way We Farm
Soil Organic Matter
Soil Organic Carbon
Benefits of SOC
The Soil Carbon Solution
Can We Capture Carbon?
Carbon Farming Techniques
Grazing Management
Conservation Tillage
Pasture Cropping
Biological Farming (including Organic Farming)
Biochar: What Do We Know?
Albrecht Natural Farming System
Biodynamic Farming
Natural Sequence Farming
Landsmanship: Reading The Landcape
How Nature Farms: Sir Albert Howard
Microclimates: Can Carbon Farming Make It Rain?
Microbes Making Carbon
The Root of the Matter
Rhizodeposition: A Hole In The Bucket?
The Liquid Carbon Pathway
Carbon Farming: Grassroots Innovation
The Hidden Costs of Soil Carbon Sequestration?
Farmers Lead Compost Revoluton
Triggering Terra Biologica
Is Fertiliser Bad For Carbon?
The Myth Of Nitrogen Fertilisation For Soil Carbon
Trees and Carbon Farming
Farm Forest Offsets Now Available
Carbon Sinks & Sources
Managing High Energy Costs in Dairy
Pig Farmers Earn Credits For Manure
22 Ways To Go Low N2O
How to Calculate Carbon Credits
Carbon Farm Plan: Soil Carbon Optimising Tool
The Carbon Farming Initiative
What Is A Carbon Offset?
How Does The Market Work?
How To Weigh Up A Soil Carbon Proposal
What’s In The CFI For You?
Did Agriculture Dodge A Bullet?
Why Is The Government Doing This?
CFI 101: The Basics
How To Earn Australian Carbon Credit Units
The Positive List: What You Can Do
The Negative List: What You Cannot Do
Permanence: What You Must Do
A Soil Carbon Methodology
Carbon Tax Funds Farming
Carbon Offsets Value Proposition
“How Much Can I Make From Soil Carbon?”
Potential Returns
Potential of Australian Soils
Australian Farm Offsets: Building The Brand
Frequently Asked Questions
Carbon Glossary
Soil, Food & Human Health: It’s Personal

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