Thursday, September 01, 2011

Alanna Moore (Stone Age Agriculture) at Carbon Farming Conference

Geomancer Alanna Moore reveals how to harness invisible forces such as magnetism and energy lines to stimulate soil microbes, enhance plant growth and restore damaged land at the Carbon Farming Conference (28-29 September, 2011, Dubbo NSW). Well-known for her work with paramagnetic rock dust and “towers”, she also studies links between Permaculture, plant and animal well-being and Spirit of Landscape. Paramagnetism is based on sound scientific principles and has potential to increase soil carbon. Dowsing is commonly used for detecting subterranean water flows, but Alanna also uses it as the window on the spiritual dimension of the land. Her books include Stone Age Farming, The Wisdom of Water, Sensitive Permaculture, and Divining Earth Spirit.

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