Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Great Carbon Tax Debate

We humans are simple animals. We might have massive brain power, but we let our animal instincts rule our lives - which could endanger the survival of our species. Faced with overwhelming evidence of Climate Change and a pathway to reduce the damage, what have we done? We looked for a way out of doing something about it - and the 'science' of denial became an overnight success. It promised to make Climate Change go away. Marketing experts know three secrets about humans that they use over and over to manipulate buyer behaviour: 1. The two most powerful drivers of human behaviour are lust and fear - lust for gain and fear off loss. 2. Of the two, Fear is the more powerful. 3. Humans prefer instant gratification to delayed gratification. They'd rather enjoy themselves now than invest in something they can experience later - even if this means survival. With this is mind, consider the lines adopted by the competing sides in the Great Carbon Tax Debate. One side uses a slogan a day to catch headlines that paint the 'tax' as the greatest threat to human happiness in history. The other side will rely upon a sensible discussion with the electorate about complex matters that may or may not happen in 50 years time. See where this is heading?

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