Monday, September 06, 2010

Win, Lose or Draw - Thank You, Tony Burke

The Government's fate hangs in the balance - either side could claim it tomorrow. Either way, it is only right that we say "Thank You, Tony Burke" for the way he managed his portfolio in our area of interest. Tony Burke is not a farmer, but he made up for that by listening and throwing himself into his portfolio with open eyes and ears. He gave us his time and eventually his money (well, he gave it to the CSIRO, actually, but the thought was there).
The outcome for farmers was the most favourable offered in any nation. Too few farmers realise this, having had their ears stuffed with denialist propaganda and disinformation. It is a better deal than we thought possible.
Tony is also a straight shooter, like Tony Windsor. He is surrounded by genuinely nice people.
Tomorrow could find Tony either a rooster or a feather duster. Whatever happens, we're happy to crow about his achievement on our behalf.

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