Monday, July 26, 2010

Abbott's soil carbon strategy "robust"

The shadow spokesman for climate change, Greg Hunt, said the Opposition's policy on soil carbon was robust and many farmers were keen to take part. The opposition's climate change policy relies on paying farmers to enrich soils with 85 million tonnes of extra carbon a year, accounting for about 60 per cent of the minimum greenhouse cuts Australia has promised in the next decade, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
''Three established industry groups have identified soil carbon savings almost twice those recognised by the Coalition,'' he said.
''If anything, our estimates are deeply conservative and it is undoubted that we should be pursuing a once in a century replenishment of our soils and our soil carbons.
''Our view of both the desirability and the achieveability has strengthened significantly through subsequent study over the last six months.''
Hunt cited letters endorsing the policy from three groups with an established interest in carbon farming supporting its stance, including from Dr John White, the executive director of Ignite Energy Resources, which is in a partnership with an organic fertiliser company.
''The CSIRO and the state agricultural bodies will tell you it is impossible but we have got farmers who are sequestering 10 or more tonnes of carbon per hectare right now,'' White said. ''We have half a million hectares already.''

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