Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When the Government and the Opposition made their recent announcements about soil carbon, nobody thought to ask farmers about the price they are expected to accept. Prices from $5 and $8 a tonne for CO2 stored in soil have been floated – but farmers we have consulted so far say these prices as not sufficient to cover the risk. Carbon Farmers of Australia are conducting a series of 2-day workshops which prepare the farmers to trade and at the same time canvass their views on such issues as price. They are in Tamworth on 16th-17th February, and Bungendore at Mulloon Creek on 23rd-24th the week afterwards, having already met with farmers in Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Young and Moree. We are in Queensland after that – Biloela 9th-10th March and Ayr 15th-16th March.
The Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke told us that he was very pleased to hear that these meetings are being held and farmers are learning about the benefits of soil carbon.
Under the National Carbon Offset Standard, released last December by the Commonwealth Government, the market can open from July this year.
Carbon Farmers of Australia intends to have a program up and running in the Voluntary Market by then. Carbon Farmers is a not-for-profit ‘growers’ service association’. Services will include education, information, advice. It is a continuation of the work we have been doing as Convenors of the Carbon Coalition to win for farmers the right to trade soil carbon. We are woolgrowers from near Wellington, NSW. The 2-day “Boot Camp” is Farm Ready Approved which means that farmers may be eligible to be fully reimbursed for the cost which is $550 (incl. GST.) The workshop takes participants through the A-to-Z of Carbon, Soil Carbon, How to Grow it and sell it and hold onto it. A copy of the book Practical Carbon Farming, is given to each attendee.
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