Thursday, July 02, 2009

Peter Andrews on Australian Story again... and again

The first of the NEW two part Australian Story on Peter Andrew’s NSF will be shown on ABCTV this coming Monday 6 July followed by the second part on the 13 July 09 at 8pm.

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Anonymous said...

Having being raised in the Bybong Creek catchment area and seeing how little water actually flows downstream on the surface in the and the deeper waters being poluted by the back wash from coal mines, what Mr Andrews is doing has my full support. My family lived at Spring Creek, right next to the Anvil Hill coal Mine from 1948 until 1966. We moved to farm Dorrigo. I remember damp swampy ground in which the rare Rufus Reed Warbler would come and breed year after year. My last trip the small pools in the creek were gone, no trees to speak of along the creek. The wet lands dry as a bone. No reeds left. The wells poluted.

Andrews farm at Bylong is not far from Spring Creek and have very similar problems. My brother actually worked at Bylong during the mid 1970's it was an oasis give Mr Andrews a go.

Peter Dowling
Yagoona NSW 9793 2764